10 Things I Learned from Making a Podcast.....

1. Get out of your own way. That old survival strategy of making yourself invisible and sabotaging any chance of success is just getting plain old. If others think you are arrogant, conceited, or annoying for speaking your truth, that is not about you. Have compassion, as this is a projection, and keep it moving.

2. Ask for support. Give Yourself permission to be supported. Perceived support is a major predictor of resiliency and long term health. If support is hard for you to receive, that’s ok. The belief that people will judge you or abandon you is pretty powerful. Believing you are undeserving or unworthy of support is also powerful. Take the time to practice gentle awareness and notice how this resistance shows up in your body. Go to the breath for guidance.

3. If you don't don't know how to do something, Google it.  Feeling ashamed of not knowing how to do something is the mind's way of distorting the  truth. Yet again. So many people are not only happy to help, but also enjoy getting to know a new person along the way. Did you know how many free resources there are on the internet? 

4. A spark of creativity is much like a firefly at dusk. When they appear in the middle of the fading hues of day, they grab your attention, dim, then reappear almost immediately. They are hard to catch and contain. Stay curious and allow them to do their thing. Creativity is a process of growth and deep transformation. Creativity is necessary and a major part of being human. Don't lose your creative fire. It's a divine right of humanity. The Buddha said it was a necessary component of contemplative practice. So there.

5. If you feel stuck, sometimes a little distance and a little redirection goes a long way.  If you have ever had a 3 year old, you know what I'm talking about. This applies to both creative projects and parenting. Don't try to make yourself unstuck. It just makes it worse. Drinking 3 glasses of wine or eating 3 donuts won't help either. Turn to the breath for guidance.

6. Creative ideas are meant to evolve. Podcasts, much like people are continuous works in progress. We change, circle back, unravel, change, and circle back again. Kind of like a roller coaster and nauseating at times, but well worth the journey.

7. Your audience will find you. Those that need to her what you have to say will find you. Show up consistently and authentically, even if you feel like you have nothing to say. Someone out there is suffering and your message could have a ripple effect.

8. Making a podcast is much like making a patchwork quilt. It's definitely not linear. Not much in life is.

9. It's ok to add everyone you know to your email list. No one has ever died from getting an email.  The worse that will happen is they will unsubscribe. That circles back to #2: ASK FOR SUPPORT

10. Make sure you honor your efforts. Take time to celebrate the accomplishment of rewiring your brain and changing old habit structures. When you release attachment to the outcome, you change the course of your destiny. I had to drop some Gita knowledge here.

BONUS LESSON # 11: My husband is a bad ass. Without launching into a Kenny Rogers song, his love has kept me warm and safe. Every. Step. Of. The.Way.