My approach to psychotherapy is informed by an integrated framework, including feminist, mindfulness, and somatically oriented ideologies. According to Laura Brown, feminist approaches to therapy are informed by “theories that not only listen to, but privileges, the voices and experiences of those who have been defined as “other” by dominant cultures.” My approach is holistic, which means that a person's mind, body, spirit, and body is incorporated into the process of healing. Patterns of perception, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors can affect a person's physical functioning, just as a person's diet, posture, and level of physical activity can affect a person's mental and emotional state. When we become aware of how disowned and unresolved aspects of the self, in addition to social conditioning and social oppression, contribute to  habitual patterns of functioning in the world, we can improve our flexibility, reduce unconscious defense mechanisms,  heal relational wounds, and build a more integrated sense of self.

I work with teenage girls and women from age 16-100.

I work closely with those struggling with complex trauma, the aftermath of sexual abuse, child abuse and neglect, chronic pain, and maternal health issues.