Living Your Truth

Living your truth can be hard these days. In fact, through all of the challenges I have endured and persevered through in my life, embodying and living in the light of truth proves to be the one that tests limits and boundaries with tireless strokes and relentless trials. Knowing the truth of your being and living it with true surrender is unique to all of life’s other  challenges. It’s not a hurdle one overcomes, a life landmark, a time limited test, or a transitional rite of passage. It’s a constant process of unfolding and it beckons our sustained attention and nurturance to birth it into being. It’s a fire in a psychic hearth, needy of stoking and tending even when the world seeks to extinguish it’s flame. We are the living emblems of our own unique truth and we are the torch bearers of  the light that sustains it. 

I think we have all grown to be a bit misguided on what living one’s truth that actually means. Every day I open up my social media apps only to see people, mostly women, with perfectly photo shopped photographs, displaying  exotic yoga poses on the beach somewhere fancy, and wearing over priced workout clothes. I am not judging these images or the choices of those who market themselves in this way, however many women find themselves working 9-5 jobs trying to make ends meet, taking care of children, taking care of aging parents, and struggling to find the time to rest and restore. Being bombarded with images of society’s “perfect woman” is not only antagonistic, but it also does not provide an intersectional or accurate view of femininity on the margins or of the masses. In reality, this kind of existence is not accessible nor even inherently desired by most women. We learn to desire this through social conditioning, cultural wounding, and by learning to dance with shame in a way that keeps us small and marginalized from any semblance of endogenous truth. Many women secretly want to break free from the cultural mandates and mythic structures  of beauty that keep us imprisoned and disenfranchised. To be shaped and molded by external forces is not only disempowering, but it’s aggressive, hostile, and lacks consent. To all the sisters trying to rise from these ashes, I rise with you. The journey is real and must be carefully crafted and honored. 

Truth be told sisters….it’s time for a shift. It’s time to shift how we think about our bodies, our brains, our breath, and our spirits. It’s time to reclaim the craft of witchery, ancient wisdom, and earth ecstasy. It’s time to enter the deepest and darkest crevices of our feminine psyche and rescue the pieces that dwell in the shadows and raise them up like offerings to the sun. 

Living your truth is about honoring the micro-victories. It means embracing vulnerability while breathing light into the shadows. Everyday, I see women questioning their success and only speaking their truths in this dark, windowless cave of a room (a.k.a my office). Just last week,  a 12 year old girl decided to stand up to her abusive father against the urging of her family and not attend a family function. This decision was so incongruent with her family’s culture, yet truth drove her to stand up and begin to shift these oppressive patterns which have historically kept women silent. Today she is smiling.  Today she feels empowered to be able to make future decisions for herself that affect her mental health and well-being. That same week  another  woman struggling with depression is finally well enough to articulate the completely dysfunctional system that imprisons her family after surviving centuries of religious persecution. She is finally clear enough to acknowledge that she is not defective in all of this. And on Thursday a young lady decided that she was not going to choose to allow the hostile gossip of her community towards her send her spiraling into another paralyzing  episode of depression and anxiety. This week they all rise. They all win. They are all speaking their truth in their own divinely unique way. 

Ritual for Honoring Your Truth

Find a comfortable position either sitting or lying down. Make sure all of your joints are supported and that your body can sense the ground beneath you. If you would prefer to enact this ritual in nature, retreat to a favorite spot in nature.

Call upon any ancestors, animal guides, or supportive spirits to be present with you in a nurturing way.

Begin to welcome yourself into your body non-judgmentally by focusing on the sensation and sound of the breath. Invite in the senses to experience the present moment.

Call to mind one part of yourself that lives too often in the shadows. If you get lost with this, some examples could be:

A childhood need that never got met.

A quality that you don’t let the world see.

An  opinion that is too scary to verbalize to others. 

An event that was traumatic and felt shameful

A dream, a vision, a career, or a project.

Really allow yourself to explore this memory or vision from many angles. How does it look? What do you see? What is around you? How do you feel in its presence?

Imagine you are welcoming it in, just as you would welcome a friend into your house for tea. Take some time to befriend this vision and shift the relationship you have to it from adversity or fear, to love and acceptance. What are the hardest things to accept about it and what are the easiest?

Take some time to journal, draw, or pull a card to reflect on this experience. Take your journal entry, drawing, or card and place it on your altar or some place safe.

Repeat these words: 

I am supported and safe. I am the expert of my own unique truth and I hold the light that can illuminate its wisdom and beauty. I vow to honor my truth, one step at a time.

Place your writing, card, or drawing on your altar until the next full moon. Retrieve it then and celebrate your intentions.