Philosophy of Practice

My practice is based upon the concept of cultivating spaciousness, awareness, strength, stability, stillness, and unity within the mind and body, while meeting all the unpredictable  circumstances of life with presence,  compassion, loving kindness, and acceptance. There is an ebb and flow of life that we are all subject to. By acknowledging and accepting change as an undeniable truth,  we enliven the innate human capacity for  resiliency,  that allows us to live more balanced and mindfully structured lives. 

I never view a person  as a set of symptoms or a disease, but rather a human being that has survived the culmination of varied life experiences , adverse events in childhood, and traumatic situations  that have shaped core beliefs, negative thought patterns, and  behaviors  that show up repeatedly in adulthood. Although these patterns seem to provide self-protection, they keep us us stuck in habitual patterns that can lead to a state of imbalance, unhealthy relationships, and possibly a decline in health status.  It is from this understanding  that I will collaborate with you  to create a client centered  treatment plan that will lead you back to a state of wholeness, balance, inner peace, and overall healthy lifestyle.  I believe in meeting people where they are at and establishing a trusting relationship that will endure through the course of treatment. I have a deep commitment to the practice of mind/body behavioral health because it acknowledges the entire person, rather than a set of fragmented symptoms. Making lifestyle changes can be one of the most important steps in preventing disease progression and alleviating psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual suffering.